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Art House Group consists of three publishers:
Art House Ltd, Jalava Publishing and Tietosanoma Ltd.

Art House

Art House is a publishing house founded in 1975 by Paavo Haavikko, a Finnish poet of international recognition (Neustadt International Prize for Literature, 1984). After its first publication in 1987 Art House has published over 500 books.

Art House publishes both Finnish and translated fiction and non-fiction, especially from the fields of society, history, science and popular culture. In fiction Art House focuses on children’s literature and classics.


Jalava Publishing is a publishing house founded in 1982 by Markku Jalava. So far Jalava has published more than 550 books.

Jalava publishes especially graphic novels, comic books, fantasy, science fiction, horror and non-fiction on popular culture, eg. biographies.


Tietosanoma is a publishing house founded in 1983. It has been a part of Art House Group since 1988. After that Tietosanoma has published over 500 books.

Tietosanoma publishes professional literature, especially law and business books and educational materials.

Art House Group contacts

Art House Ltd. | Jalava Publishing | Tietosanoma Ltd.
Bulevardi 19, FI-00120 Helsinki, Finland

Acquisitions and foreign rights

Publishing Manager
Nana Sironen 
+358 40 576 7881

Managing Editor
Riina Behl 
+358 40 576 7880